Our mission is to foster a love for badminton and uphold excellence within the San Jose and Bay Area community. By providing cutting-edge facilities, a world-class coaching team, premium programs, adaptable playing schedules, equitable and contemporary management practices, a hospitable atmosphere, and a well-stocked pro-shop, we are committed to enhancing the sport at all levels. We are devoted to empowering our players and coaches to achieve their utmost potential.

Our club is nestled in the vibrant neighborhood of 691 Race St, San Jose, strategically positioned in close proximity to various bustling areas such as downtown San Jose, Silicon Valley, and neighboring cities like Santa Clara, Cupertino, and Mountain View. With easy access to major highways like Highway 101 and Interstate 280, our club is conveniently connected to the heart of San Jose and the greater Bay Area.

The surrounding community offers a blend of urban convenience and natural beauty. Within a short drive, you’ll find an array of amenities including shopping centers, restaurants, parks, and entertainment venues. Notable attractions such as the Tech Museum of Innovation, Santana Row, and the prestigious Valley Fair Mall are just a stone’s throw away, providing ample opportunities for recreation and leisure.

Whether you’re seeking intensive badminton training or a relaxing holiday retreat, our club offers the perfect combination of top-notch facilities and a prime location. Join us at 691 Race St, San Jose, for an unparalleled badminton experience in the heart of Silicon Valley.



Welcome to our premier badminton facility, where player safety and comfort are our top priorities. With 20 professional courts featuring high-quality sports elastic flooring from a renowned German standard, we ensure excellent shock absorption to safeguard against joint impact and prevent injuries. Plus, our courts hold BWF certification at the world championship level, ensuring an optimal playing surface for enthusiasts and athletes during extended training sessions.

For our valued members, we offer ample court availability to accommodate players of all levels and schedules. Our spacious layout, boasting ceilings ranging from 25 to 33 feet, along with a dedicated pro-shop and rest area for relaxation and socializing, creates a welcoming environment for badminton enthusiasts. Come join us for the ultimate badminton experience in a safe, comfortable, and dynamic setting.

At our esteemed San Jose location, our senior head coaches, Ouyang and Tang, along with a team of even more expert coaches, are poised to cultivate the next generation of badminton champions. With a proven track record of guiding over 1000 graduates into university and college programs across Asia and North America, our coaches bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table.

Pride fills us as our players not only represent various national programs but also participate in multiple professional academies. Moreover, our head coaches have a remarkable history of placing more than 100 players in provincial and national teams for China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Canada. Many of these players have clinched national junior championships and ascended to become world champions, underscoring our unwavering commitment to player development and success, both nationally and internationally.

What sets our coaches apart is their unparalleled expertise, not only in training high-level players but, more crucially, in transforming beginners into champions. Their extensive experience showcases their proficiency in nurturing talent from the ground up.

In Canada, we’ve built up U17 Canadian boy & girls champions, and we’re excited to replicate this success in the USA with the establishment of our new franchise in San Jose. By forming strategic alliances with premier entities in the badminton world and leveraging the expertise of our international coach consulting team, we’re confident that our players will receive top-notch training and international exposure, preparing them to excel on the global badminton stage.

As we prepare to open our doors in San Jose, we’re committed to fostering a culture of excellence and success. With our team of senior head coaches and expert staff, we’re confident that we will produce many more champions in the near future. Join us at our San Jose location and be a part of the journey towards badminton excellence.



At our club CABA, we believe that exceptional coaches play a vital role in fostering both competitive excellence and the love of the game among recreational players. Our head coaches are dedicated to assembling a top-tier coaching team capable of catering to the needs of high-performance athletes and community recreational players alike.

We demonstrate our commitment to coaching excellence through various avenues, including participation in national and provincial professional training programs. Additionally, we pride ourselves on establishing an international and multi-cultural coaching team, enriching our coaching approach with diverse perspectives and expertise.

Our track record speaks for itself. With our highly skilled and experienced coaching team, we have successfully guided players from beginner levels to championship standards. We are passionate about helping your children unlock their full potential and achieve their individual goals at all levels of the game. Join us at our San Jose club, where your child’s badminton journey begins with exceptional coaching and endless possibilities.

At CABA, our mission is to elevate the learning experience for players of all ages. Our programs are meticulously tailored to align with age-appropriate learning capabilities, prioritizing the development of essential skills. We are dedicated to offering daily programs spanning from recreational to high-performance competitive levels, with flexible training times and an exceptional coach-to-student ratio.

What sets us apart is our unique approach. Unlike most other clubs, even our recreational programs at CABA are under the direct supervision of our international-level head coaches. Additionally, we’ve implemented a comprehensive seasonal and tournament report card system to meticulously track player progress. As players journey through our club, they encounter new techniques and skills, ensuring a well-rounded badminton experience.

Join us at CABA in San Jose, where every player’s badminton journey is crafted with care and guided by expert coaching at every level.



Our training approach revolves around fostering robust minds and bodies, instilling mental fortitude to navigate challenges both on and off the court. Simultaneously, we emphasize the development of physical strength and endurance, empowering students to face any situation with resilience and determination. Join us in embracing a holistic approach to personal growth, while also unplugging from electronics during our sessions. This creates a focused, technology-free environment that promotes overall well-being.

At CABA, we value equal treatment for all our players and parents. To demonstrate our commitment to fairness, we’ve established a comprehensive and reasonable discount system. This includes early bird discounts, family discounts, group purchase discounts, and multiple-course discounts, Referral credit, all these encourages active participation by students with their families and friends.

To ensure flexibility and accessibility, we offer make-up classes, injury credits, and tournament credits, allowing students to avoid unnecessary costs for missing important classes and training sessions. Moreover, our scholarship and sponsorship programs are designed to support both top professional and amateur players in pursuing their championship dreams.

We leverage a cutting-edge online registration and management system to elevate our club management to new heights, ensuring efficiency and convenience for our members.



At CABA, we envision badminton not only as a competitive sport but also as a family-oriented and social activity. Our club actively promotes the idea that badminton can be enjoyed as a family, fostering a sense of togetherness. We encourage parents and siblings to learn badminton skills and play together, bonding over shared experiences and fulfilling their badminton dreams.

Aligned with our commitment to social responsibility, we recognize our vital role in fostering a vibrant and healthy community. Our main objective is to promote physical activity through the captivating sport of badminton. Engaging with the community, we take pride in actively supporting various initiatives, such as the Toronto Inter-Alumni Association Badminton Tournaments, Inter-club Friendship Challenge Tournaments, our grand open in-house league tournament, the Xiangqing Cup Badminton Tournament, Ontario provincial tournaments, and hosting Badminton Canada coaches training courses within our facilities. Anticipate more exciting events in the future as we strive to strengthen connections and spread the joy of badminton throughout our community.

Discover the convenience and excellence of our Pro-Shop, your go-to destination for all your badminton gear needs. Our Pro-Shop is meticulously curated to provide a wide selection of high-quality badminton equipment, apparel, and accessories, ensuring you have everything you need to elevate your game.

In addition to our comprehensive selection, we offer professional racquet restringing services. Our skilled technicians use precision and care to restring your racquet, optimizing its performance and ensuring you play at your best. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting, our Pro-Shop and restringing services are designed to cater to your every badminton requirement. Visit us and experience top-notch equipment and expert services to enhance your badminton journey.


We are thrilled to announce that, as of late November 2023, our sister club, now known as Canada Elite, has been selected as one of the six major professional badminton clubs in Canada dedicated to nurturing athletes for the 2028 Olympics. Despite being the youngest professional club, having been established only three years ago, we are proud to join hands with YONEX CANADA and our fellow professional clubs in this endeavor. Head Coaches Ouyang, Ruben, and Helen are excited to actively contribute to the development of future Canadian Olympic badminton players.

One of our club’s standout students, Kevin Yang (born in 2009), has been privileged to be chosen as one of the youngest athletes earmarked for the 2028 Olympic development program. This prestigious opportunity, with only three athletes born in 2009 selected, is a testament to Kevin’s talent and dedication, as well as to the quality of training provided at Canada Elite.

In April 2024, Kevin Yang was honorably selected to represent Canada at the Sonai Japan U16 international tournament in June 2024.

This recognition is a testament to our ongoing efforts in cultivating exceptional badminton players. We remain dedicated to providing excellent training and support, fostering more young badminton talents, and contributing outstanding players to Canadian badminton. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to YONEX CANADA for their trust and support in our journey towards Olympic excellence.

At CABA, you will find the right type of training and focus for your children to flourish in Badminton!