About Us

Who are we?

Helen Hu – was one of the founders of HH Dance & Fitness and Natural Spin Dance Fashion Brand, a renowned international standard dancer and instructor.  She is a mom and an entrepreneur with experience in building successful training facilities for fitness enthusiasts. 

Ouyang – a former member of the China National team.  He is a registered senior level badminton coach in China, Singapore and Canada.  He has personally trained and developed many players to compete on the world stage.



  • Passion: we instill love for the sport that encourages badminton for life
  • Respect: we promote ethical behavior, fair play and respect for the game and all its participants
  • Integrity: we act in a fair and consistent and transparent manner
  • Dedication: we expect all members to make a commitment to the club and to its teams
  • Excellence: We set, work towards, and achieve the highest standards


If you want to compete in the Olympics, you need a talented and dedicated coach, train thousands of hours, and have access to the best resources. If you want to be a Provincial, National or Olympic badminton player, where do you go to get that? We built
CEBA to provide the facilities, coaches and framework to train people for the Olympics of life.


Canada Elite Badminton & Sports is the first professional badminton training club in Woodbridge of Vaughan, Toronto. Our club is well-connected to the residential area, the shopping area Vaughan Mill Mall, the business district, and the tourist area of Wonderland. It is surrounded by a large number of coffee shops, restaurants, and parking spaces. Our club has an excellent connection with East and West Toronto.


Canada Elite Badminton & Sports is one of the best facilities in Canada

  • 8 full-size BWF certified world championship tournament quality 8mm courts with collar free 25-inch high ceiling. Its shock-absorbent flooring, which helps to reduce the opportunity of athletic injuries
  • 31 non-glare illumination complies with BWF standards with best quality
  • Brand new HVAC system to ensure constant in-door constant temperature and fresh air circulation
  • Rose Red color is the perfect match with the dark coffee color wall. The unique combination of colors makes kids be passionate about badminton and feel happiness while playing it.
  • sophisticated washroom installed with a high-end shower and modern toilet with the imported European tiles.
  • Featured a sports bar for players comfort and relaxation after a game or two
  • pro-shop & professional online store : The best Pro Shop in town/online to meet your badminton needs. Yonex, Redson, Victor and more, you can buy all badminton needs here.
  • Fitness Area: Badminton fitness equipments for your ultimate health enhancement and badminton trainings







We offer many comprehensive training programs ranging from beginner to high performance levels for different ages, with focuses on technical skill development, fitness and mental training.

Small group lessons

Group Lessons
Team Trainings
Customized Intensive Trainings
Private and semi-private trainings
Fitness Trainings

Sparring Trainings

Ladders and Leagues
School Competition Trainings
Special badminton skills training programs
Camps, PA day,Theme Partyplay, Birthday parties
Strategy on-court coaching during tournaments

Memberships and Drop-in

Court Rentals, Shoes rentals and racket rentals
Different age groups from pre-school, teenager and adults
Other after school academy, art and sports interest class

At CEBA, you will find the right type of training and focus for your children to flourish
in Badminton!