Team/Camp Training Plans

CAN-AM Elite Badminton Team/Camp Training Plans

120-150 minby Ouyang

First session 60 min.

Warm up 10-15 min. including skipping.

All kinds of badminton agility running 15 min

Footwork training 30 min.

Net footwork for single side and both sides 10 min.

Back court footwork singe side and bother sides 10 min.

Middle court footwork with multiple birds 10 min.


Water/Snack Break 5-10 min depends on programs (camps break for 10 min.)


Second session Skills and Drills 45 min.

Beginner with coach birds feeding:

high clear, learn play with running, one backcourt and one middle court or front court, learn drops


practice drops/slides and nets, 10 times 4 sets

high clear 30 x 10 sets, drive 10 min., smash and defense, who lost who defense 10 min.

multiple feeding depends situations.

When students waiting for bird feedings:

beginners: racket swing 30 times, skipping 30 times, hitting the wall 3 min., bouncing and feeling the birds


Do the above and plusHigh keen running, lunge , jumps and lunge jumps to add power to things, or do weight lifts


Third Session Groups/Camps for intermediate/advanced only 30 min.

Playing games and strategies, weights trainings.

Stretching at the end of each level


Elite Badminton keeps the rights to modify without notice.